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Are you a High Achiever?

How committed are you? Are you a regular at the gym or a sporadic user?

Each month we will publish in the gym the names of members who are on the High Achievers list. The list can be found on the white-board next to the notice boards on the gym floor. To get on the list you must average at least 2 visits per week or more over the month.

There is also a list of Star Memberswho are the biggest users of the gym on a regular basis over the preceding month and the Member of the Month who was the most dedicated for that month.

Congratulations to Angela who was out Member of the Month from October - keep up the great work!

Are you the Member of the Month, a Star Member or a High Achiever? Or were you slacking off during October and missed out on the list? Have a look to see and lets aim for an increase in the total members on the list for November!

220 members is the target for November, so make sure we see you lots over the next 3 weeks so you are on the list this time next month!


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