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Ever looked at others and thought I want to be that strong, look that fit and healthy, energetic that you have only dreamed of? Invest in yourself and let me help you achieve your goals! As a qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer let me guide you to where you want to be, assessing the fastest approach to your goals. Gain a healthy body and a healthy mind. By looking at the broader picture, at your nutritional status, diet, exercise and lifestyle choices before we begin, we will then devise a training system and incorporate nutritional and lifestyle changes that are specific to YOU! Being anything from training for a race, reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, or increasing energy levels and gain control of bad habits. My main focus centres on strength, conditioning, mobility and flexibility to maximise you and your body’s potential.

Qualifications include:
Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
Certificate IV Fitness (Personal Trainer, UK)
Paul Chek Scientific Core and Program Design
Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology
Premier Resistance Movement Training